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Fitting Advice

What size am I?

An ill-fitting bra can affect your posture, your mood and your whole frame of mind. A well-fitting bra should enhance your chest and make you stand up straight, causing you to feel confident and comfortable.

How to measure yourself


To find you bra size you will need two measurements:

• back measurement
• cup measurement

To find your back measurement, measure firmly around your ribcage, just underneath your bust. Ensure that the tape is flat and straight across your back. This measurement determines your back size eg. 32, 34, 36 etc.

You will also need it to help find your cup size. If your back measurement is an even number add 4 inches, if it’s odd add five inches.

To find your cup measurement, measure around the fullest part of your bust (you might want to wear a non-wired/unpadded bra or a fitted vest to give your bust some uplift). Again, make sure the measuring tape is flat and straight across your back.

The difference between your back measurement (plus 4 inches/10cm if it’s odd and 5 inches/12.5cm if it’s even) and your cup measurement gives you a pretty accurate indication of your cup size. Have a look at the chart below to find your cup size:

Difference between Back and Cup Measurement

Cup Size

A – The back and cup measurements are the same

B – a difference of 1” /2.5cm

C – a difference of 2” /5cm

D – a difference of 3” /7.5cm

E – a difference of 4” /10cm

F – a difference of 5” /12.5cm

G – a difference of 6” /15cm

Bra Fitting

A good sign of a well-fitting bra is when the centre “bridge” at the front lies flat and snugly to your chest between the breasts.

Your breasts shouldn’t bulge over the top of the cups. If this is happening try going up a cup size.

Your bra should never ride up your back – this can be very uncomfortable and not such a good look. If you are having this problem, then you may find that reducing the back size while increasing the cup size gives you a much better contour and feels more comfortable. For example, if a 36C bra rides up your back then you may find that a 34D bra looks and feels much better.

A well-fitting bra should not be supported by the straps, but rather should sit firm and low around the middle of the back and ribcage. You can achieve this by making sure your straps are at the right length. This will help to give you a good posture and also a better bra shape.