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New Lingerie Brand: Mimi Holliday

New to Cabana are two Mimi Holliday Collections: Rodeo and Toffee Dazzler.

Rodeo. A wildly exciting collection of the perfect black lingerie. Stunning wardrobe staples that effortlessly combine structured support and comfort with thrilling, tantalising, show-off luxury. Wherever and however you wear it, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

Vintage chic and girlishly pretty, Toffee Dazzler’s winning collection is just right for everyday luxury. Available in four key shapes, the collection is a lush and wearable combination of pale toffee and peach lace, and it’s perfectly, wonderfully wearable under clothes.

Mimi Holliday offers a wide selection of beautiful lingerie. Check out both collections in our store and online!